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Announcing the 2022-2023 EPIC Cohort Participation

We Think 4 a Change is happy to announce its participation in the 2022-2023 EPIC cohort. Other organizations participating in this cohort include

The Mother & Child Alliance, University of California at San Diego -The HIV Institute, and By His Stripes.

Mother and Child Alliance (MACA) provides comprehensive support to pregnant women and their families – before and up to 24 months after delivery. The UC San Diego HIV Institute’s mission is to foster interdisciplinary discovery and innovation to galvanize our programs’ and members’ efforts to create an HIV-free generation. Serving as the regional nexus for scientists and clinicians to share research and new approaches, the Institute partners with the San Diego community to prevent, diagnose, treat, and one day cure HIV. By His Stripes Health and Wellness Center, Inc. is a community-based grassroot organization providing education, advocacy and supportive services to address chronic health diseases and health inequities for marginalized populations.

WT4AC is more than honored to be partnering with the named organizations. Together, we will ensure that Black cisgender women living with HIV will be seen, heard, and supported to thrive while staying in care.


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