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WT4AC Joins CDC Foundation AND WALGREENS to Implement HIV Self-Testing Programs

We Think 4 A Change joined the CDC Foundation and Walgreens to participate in the National HIV Testing Day on June 27.

Following the National HIV Testing Day, WT4AC has continued to be part of the Community-Based Organizations helping to increase access to HIV Self-testing in underserved communities and among those most vulnerable to HIV.

Because of COVID-19 lockdowns and closures, HIV self-testing increased over the past two years, and it has proven to be a cost-effective way to make HIV testing more accessible in regions where healthcare is often a challenge—including rural, traditionally underserved and stigmatized communities.

However, historical racial, ethnic and geographic disparities in healthcare coverage still exist, and there are many communities and populations that still do not have access to HIV testing services, including many of those most vulnerable to HIV WT4AC is an essential partner in HIV prevention and care and will help to expand self-testing in our community.


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