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The last 15 months of this pandemic has highlighted a major illness that our

communities have spent many years covering up. May is Mental Health

Awareness Month and many Americans, parents, siblings, children, friends and

colleagues are dealing with varying symptoms. The signs may have been

evident for some time or newly discovered as we sat in our homes isolated

from those that we love.

This is an ideal time to educate all persons on the

conditions that encompass mental health, how to seek help if needed, and live a

mentally healthy life! Mental health issues can cause changes in thinking, feelings,

behavior, and physical activity. How do I help someone who is experiencing a

mental health crisis and I’m not a healthcare worker? That’s easy, be

supportive, avoid judgement as mental health issues may have touched our own

lives, be kind and compassionate, offer a listening ear, avoid giving advice, however

encourage the individual to seek professional help and maybe even

accompany them to their first appointment.


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