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From the Executive Director's Desk: Sending New Year’s greetings to all

I always feel renewed with hope as January comes each year. Hope inspires me to action, and I recommit to my daily routine of prayer and meditation to improve my conscious contact with God. As I reflect on my year-end inventory with WT4AC, I am grateful that I can apply this new commitment to action to both my personal life and WT4AC, embracing new approaches and opportunities to my volunteer work with COVID.

Thank God for another NEW beginning.

Whether 2021 bought success, fulfillment, joy, setbacks, or struggles, we can look ahead to 2022 with hope. Peace and faith allow us to release the bitterness and frustration of any covid challenges experienced during the past year.

As we begin this new year, let’s focus on healing and renewing our minds so we can bring the light of hope into our hearts, home, and the greater world.

Let’s embrace new beginnings with incredible, fresh new ideas and recognize the potential that will strengthen us and our work, whether it is fully vaccinations, starting a new job, gaining a new level of education or training, exploring new financial strategies, testing new attitudes about healthy eating practices, or just committing to new ways of living our best selves. Let’s be focused, persistent and faithful to our purpose and all the opportunities that are before us.

Perhaps, this year more than ever, let’s look forward to new and fresh perspectives in our lives. For the past two and a half years, we have been under the umbrella of a Pandemic. It has heightened our sense of being; we have learned to adapt to social distancing, isolation; MASKS; and MASS COMMUNICATION such as zoom calls. More importantly, we have had to navigate grief and the overwhelming loss of loved ones and friends, those whose memories have left a permanent marker on our lives.

We know that amid a new season of hope, we will also experience new challenges. How we respond will determine our outcomes, so let’s resolve to respond with proven solutions and the openness to explore and implement both new options as well as the best practices needed to serve others successfully. Let’s serve in a loving, caring, compassionate and professional manner. We must continue to build upon lessons learned.

We THINK 4 A CHANGE has provided us the essential tools to empower our brothers and sisters, and the communities we serve, to become better advocates and allies, and to provide more supportive and sustainable services for our peers.

The new horizons that are within each of us, when shared, can bring a collective hope to others as we gratefully embrace a new normal. Together, let’s move forward with confidence to successfully end the HIV epidemic in our communities, to eradicate health disparities and debilitating stigma.

Let’s be champions for the cause of people aging with HIV.!

We are stronger together. Everyone’s energy, ideas, and compassion are required as we embrace the work that’s needed during 2022.

Happy New Year!!


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